Fyrtønden - Pendant lamp

Fyrtønden Pendel is designed in a classic style that makes the shape and expression timeless and is produced in Denmark, where the screen is first hand-turned and later hand-painted in wet lacquer, which ensures that the lamp retains its color throughout its life.

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Fyrtønde Pendant lamp is a small, forward-lit lamp that emits a calm and glare-free light with clear shadows. Approx. 1/6 of the light is sent upwards in a circle from the light source (bulb) in the porcelain socket. Lighthouse pendant lamp is available as both a pendant lamp and a ceiling lamp. Lighthouse pendant lamp is distinguished by its ease of placement, as the lamp can be placed in many places and at many heights without dazzling but still emitting a good light. Fyrtønde is Danish designed and hand-produced according to classic old Danish traditions. Fyrtønde has a shape that is pleasing to the eye and gives a fantastic light, and is one of the few lamps that fits on almost all stairs, especially stairs with high ceilings. This architect-designed lamp, which in terms of quality can be compared with the most expensive design lamps, and has a light quality that surpasses all the market's competitors, is distinguished by also sending light out to the sides which gives a very special characteristic.

The architect-designed Pendant lamp comes with a shielding ring which prevents small and large people from being dazzled by the light source (the bulb). Many similar lamps do not have this function, which is only discovered after investing in the lamp. As Fyrtønde pendant lamp is a narrow lamp (Ø10 cm) and has a concentrated light characteristics, it fits in many places. The lamp can be used both as lighting overboard in entrances or room lighting. The curves on the lamp are very simple and both into classic environments as well as completely modern environments, i.a. due to the timeless design. Both Fyrtønde and Mini-Fyrtønde are delivered in raw copper, which complements the lamp's curves perfectly.

Fyrtønde Pendant lamp provides a fantastic light that is pleasing to the eye and is therefore suitable for lighting where you want to highlight the colors and achieve a shadow / light effect.


Our lamps are hand-painted, hand-turned and manually assembled,
which can give a delivery time between 3-4 weeks.
You will be notified of the delivery time immediately after placing the order.


Fyrtønden screen size: Ø100 mm - H: 158 mmMini-Fyrtønden screen dimensions: Ø80 mm - H: 130 mm


Mini-Fyrtønden: E14
Fyrtønden: E27

Useful information

materials: The lighthouse is built of aluminum with oven-hardened lacquer as well as steel and marked quality components.

Energy ratio: The lighthouse has a relatively high efficiency and provides 4-5 times as much light as ordinary incandescent lamps. All materials in the luminaire can be recycled. The luminaire is manufactured in Denmark, which significantly limits the normal environmental impact.


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The designer, Asger Bay Christiansen, has through many years of studies analyzed the connection between the room's architecture, lighting, acoustics and materials and gained a great deal of knowledge and insight into the importance of light in all types of buildings.

Through more than 30 years of work with design and production of lamps as well as planning and design of lighting systems in buildings and spaces on both a theoretical and practical level, Asger believes that he is a good all-rounder. In order to better understand everything within his field, Asger has for several years studied the function of the human eye, the human human experience of light and the impact of light on human well-being on both body and soul.

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