Bissen - Pendant Lamp

Bissen Pendellampe is a Danish designed lamp handmade according to old, classic and Danish traditions. The lamp is designed by asger bc., and created from the highest Danish quality and with a light quality that does not exist better. The pendant steam fits into any home where you look for good light and Danish design.

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Bissen Pendant Lamp is part of the Bissen series, which contains ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. The pendant steam is designed in a classic style that makes the shape and expression timeless, which is underlined by the fact that the lamp was first launched in the late 1970s. Bissen Pendant Lamp is produced in Denmark, where the screen is first hand-turned and later hand-painted in wet lacquer, ensuring that the lamp keeps its color throughout its life. The architect-designed pendant lamp provides a good light that does not dazzle, and therefore the lamp can be used both as lighting above board or as a walking light. The curves on the lamp fit into both classic and modern homes, where you want a simple lamp with a timeless design.

Bissen Pendant Lamp provides a soft light cut that is comfortable for the eye and is therefore suitable for lighting larger or smaller rooms as well as overboard, chests of drawers, counters, etc., where either concentration or cosiness is a priority.


Our lamps are hand painted, hand-turned and manually assembled,
which can give a delivery time between 3-4 weeks.
You will receive delivery time notification immediately after ordering.


Mini-Bissen screen dimensions: E= 150 mm. – H=110 mm.
Bissen screen dimensions: E= 210 mm. – H=170 mm.
Mega-Bissen screen target: Ø= 290 mm. – H=230 mm.
Giga-Bissen screen dimensions: E= 380 mm. – H=320 mm.


Mini-Bissen: E14 / AC LED
Bissen: E27 / AC LED
Mega-Bissen: E27 / AC LED
Giga-Bissen: E27 / AC LED

Note: Mini-Bissen with AC LED has external LED Driver.

Useful information

Materials: The bubble is made of aluminium possibly with oven-hardened lacquer as well as steel, porcelain and labelled quality components.

Energy conditions: The bubble has a high efficiency, which means that it utilizes wattage well. All materials in the fixture can be recycled. The fixture is manufactured in Denmark, which significantly limits the normal environmental impact.


asger b.c.

The designer, Asger Bay Christiansen, has through many years of study analyzed the connection between the architecture, light, acoustics and materials of the room and gained a great knowledge and insight into the importance of light in all kinds of buildings.

Through more than 30 years of work on the design and production of lamps as well as planning and designing lighting systems in buildings and spaces at both theoretical and practical level, Asger believes that he is a good all-rounder. In order to better understand everything within his field, Asger has for several years studied the functioning of the human eye, man's overall experience of light, and the impact of light on human well-being on both body and soul.

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