Our outdoor lamps are created to both protect the eye and be a delight to the eye. Choose from our selection of classic designer lamps.

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Funnel Wall lamp Copper


Designed by asger bc

Table lamps are placed on the table, counter etc. and require no installation. The table lamp typically comes with a 4 meter cable ending with a standard 230V socket. The color of the cord is either white or black. In some cases, the table lamp is supplied with a spiral cord such as in the BC series.
A pendant lamp is a lamp that is mounted in the ceiling via its cord. The cord is 4 meters long and comes in either black or white. The pendant lamps are delivered as written with a 4 meter cord, so that you have the option of shortening the cord to the desired length.


Review stars

"I would always recommend candles that have been through Asger's hands, because I have experienced what it means over a long period of time before."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

“Then the beautiful lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you. ”

- Cecilia Bruun
Review stars

“This was completely, completely different. The lamps helped to concentrate and concentrate on what you need. ”

- Lone Kolter
Review stars

“At least the new light gives a different mood. It is now better than the old fluorescent tubes. ”

- Gitte Udholt

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