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Boblen wall lamp black 2


Designed by asger b. c.

Tragten wall lamp white 3


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.

Dobbelt Lyskassen

Designed by asger b. c.


A wall lamp is mounted on the wall. Often a wall lamp comes with a mounting box to finish the wall lamp. The mounting box is typically supplied in the same colour as the lampshade and can be screwed onto the wall using the brackets provided. The mounting box can be supplied with a switch so that the lamp can be switched on or off individually. The wall lamp comes with an arm that is either 10, 20 or 30 cm long and is usually painted in the same colour as the lampshade.

Wall lamps are also delivered without extension arm but with 2.5 cm intermediate piece, so the total length of the lamp remains short. These lamps are typically used as bedside lamps, lamps by sofas, armchairs, etc. A so-called tilting joint is mounted on the arm, which makes it possible to turn the shade in all directions. The tilt-joint is not painted and is available in chrome or brass.

If the classic design wall lamp is used as indirect light, i.e. using the reflection from the lighted wall to illuminate the room, it is recommended to use wall lamps with 20 cm arms and direct the centre of the light beam towards the floor panel. If the wall lamp is used for spot lighting, for example to illuminate a painting, there is more freedom in the choice of arm length. It is not recommended to position the wall lamp so that the shade has to be turned upwards, as this will often create glare in the room. If this cannot be avoided or if the placement creates glare, it is recommended to choose a narrow-beam designer lamp such as the Kanon series. If the wall lamp is not turned towards the wall, it is recommended to check the glare from the light source and in case of glare, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a ring.

Outdoor wall lamps are often supplied without a spacer arm or with a very short arm, as the risk of damage is greater outdoors and the need to control the light is limited.

Ceiling lights are mounted in the ceiling. The lamps are often finished with an extension arm and mounting box, typically painted in the same colour as the lampshade. However, ceiling lamps can also be supplied with a spacer ring that is mounted directly on the ceiling, such as a fire barrel.
Table lamps are placed on the table, counter, etc. and require no mounting. The table lamp typically comes with 4 meter cord ending with a standard 230V plug. The colour of the cord is either white or black. In some cases, the table lamp is supplied with spiral cord, such as in the BC series.


Review stars

"I would always recommend light that has been through Asger's hands because I have experienced what it means over a longer period of time."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

"So the nice lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you."

- Cecilia Bruun
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"This was totally, totally different. The lamps helped you concentrate and focus on what you have to do."

- Lone Kolter
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"The new light certainly creates a different atmosphere. It's now better than the old fluorescent lights."

- Gitte Udholt
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