Tragten - Floor lamp

The Danish designed Tragten Floor Lamp provides a great light that does not glare and is typically used by sofas, armchair or in a suitable corner of the room.

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Tragten Floor Lamp is a classically designed floor lamp that is part of the Tragten series, which includes ceiling, pendant and wall lamps. Tragten floor lamp is Danish design from the 80s and a truly classic lamp that never goes out of style. The lamp is produced according to traditional Danish production methods, which means that your lamp is handmade. The floor lamp is assembled from components that are carefully selected from our suppliers so we can control the quality of the lamp down to the smallest detail. We will always be able to repair the lamp if it should get damaged so the lamp will always have a long life. The Tragten floor lamp can compete in quality with the most expensive floor lamps and is produced in the same way and with a light quality that surpasses all competitors on the market. The lamp fits in many places where elegant and good light is desired, while fulfilling the function of good light for both reading, sewing and other concentration activities.

The Tragten floor lamp provides a good light that is pleasant for the eye and brain and is therefore suitable for illuminating smaller objects, such as small texts, sewing etc. The tilting of the shade means that the shade and thus the light can be rotated in many positions and can therefore provide light for concentration or cosiness.

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Cutting dimensions: Ø= 200 mm. - H=1300 mm.
Socket/Light source: E27
Materials: aluminium
Cleaning: wipe with soft cloth


Our lamps are hand painted, hand turned and hand assembled,
which can give a delivery time between 3-4 weeks.
You will be notified of the delivery time immediately after placing your order.

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