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Kanon wall lamp is a classic Danish designed wall lamp that fits into many homes. The special design that combines diameter and length, gives a harmonious expression and an elegant design.

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Kanon wall lamp is a classic Danish architect-designed lamp made by hand, which only the most expensive designer lamps can match, and with a light quality that surpasses all market competitors. Kanon ceiling is glare-free and can be hung very high, as it provides a very focused light that reaches far. The shadows are pronounced and provide a beautifully highlighted spotlight. Kanon wall is a spotlight that emits a narrow, sharp light far out, thereby illuminating the object from a long distance. The range consists of many variants and includes ceiling, pendant and wall lamps. Despite the product and lighting quality, the retail price is lower than the most expensive designer lamps

Similar lamps are often constructed from standard dimensions of raw material, which does not always express a harmonious appearance. Kanon ceiling designed in a classic style that makes the shape and expression timeless, which is emphasized by the fact that the lamp was first launched in late 1982. Kanon wall lamp is still handmade and hand painted, which means, among other things, that the lamp never changes color and therefore remains in the original color. Inside, the lamp is hand lacquered with special lacquer that gives the lamp the special spot effect. This feature provides a pleasant lighting environment without glare and can be used for many situations where you want to use shadow/light effect as elegant decor.


Our lamps are hand painted, hand turned and hand assembled,
which can give a delivery time between 3-4 weeks.
You will be notified of the delivery time immediately after placing your order.


Mini-cannon screen dimensions: Ø: 55 mm - H: 107 mm
Cannon screen size: Ø:55 mm - H: 138 mm
Mega-Cannon screen size: Ø70 mm - H: 175 mm


Mini-canon light sources: Gu10, Gu5.3, AC LED
Cannon light sources: Gu10, Gu5,3, AC LED
Mega-Canon: E27, AC LED


Arm lengths: 25 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm
Dimmable by AC LED with 1-10 V

Useful information

Materials: The Kanon series is constructed from steel, a special heat-resistant porcelain base and wire, and branded quality components. The surface is either oven-hardened lacquer or chrome.

Energy efficiency: the Kanon series is glare-free, so you get maximum benefit from the watts used. It has a reasonable efficiency. All materials in the luminaire are recyclable. The luminaire is manufactured in Denmark, which significantly reduces the normal environmental impact.


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