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Haiku Wall Lamp is a design lamp, which is part of the Haiku series. The classic Danish design of the lamp makes it suitable for illumination and reading lighting.

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Haiku Wall Lamp is a compact and wide beam lamp that includes many features such as flex tubes, glare-free and much more. The flex tube is the arm of the lamp, which is made of flexible metal, which allows you to adjust the lamp and thus the light in many directions. The Haiku Wall Lamp has a truly exceptional beam pattern that provides some stunning light via the internal lacquer finish of the shade, which is complemented by glare-free light due to the beautiful chrome reflector bowl that shields the light at eye level.

Haiku Wall Lamp can be supplied with an external transformer to be placed on the ceiling, under the sofa or where it is not visible. Please contact your electrician. The series consists of ceiling lamp, wall lamp, table lamp. Haiku wall is designed in a real classic style that never goes out of fashion. The wall lamp is handmade according to Danish proud traditions, and can blend into the environment in subtle colors. Unlike mass-produced small lamps, small handmade lamps are watery and expensive to produce. Therefore, you also get a lot of value for money when you own a Haiku, which is quality-wise on par with the biggest quality lamps.

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Screen size: Ø= 96 mm. - H=55 mm.
Socket/Light source: GY 6,35
Materials: steel
Cleaning: wipe with soft cloth


Our lamps are hand painted, hand turned and hand assembled,
which can give a delivery time between 3-4 weeks.
You will be notified of the delivery time immediately after placing your order.


Haiku screen size: Ø90 mm - H: 60 mm


Haiku available with Gy6,35 and AC LED


They are in need of external Driver

Useful information

Materials: the Haiku is constructed from steel, copper or brass, a special heat-resistant porcelain base and wire, and branded quality components. The surface is either oven-hardened lacquer, chrome, raw brass or raw copper.

Energy efficiency: the Haiku has a high efficiency and is glare-free, so you get maximum benefit from the watts used. All materials in the luminaire are recyclable. The luminaire is manufactured in Denmark, which significantly reduces the environmental impact.

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