Danish Lighting was founded more than 40 years ago under the name asger bc.

Even then in 1975, Danish Lighting were specialists in lighting technology, working environment, lighting and energy-saving lighting systems. The development department at Danish Lighting was very flexible and by the end of the 80s had developed more than 7.500 different lamps.

At Danish Lighting, we take great pride in our lamps, which are all made according to old craftsmanship traditions combined with the latest machines and processes, which means that all our lamps can last a lifetime with the right use. All lamps are manufactured according to the very highest environmental and ethical standards in Denmark.

This description is still the cornerstone of Danish Lighting to this day.

About Asger Bay Christiansen
About Asger Bay Christiansen
About Asger Bay Christiansen
About Asger Bay Christiansen
About Danish Lighting

Danish Lighting is based on the honored company asger bc from 1975, which hides an exciting and ancient story.

Danish Lighting takes great pride in our lamps, which are all with hand-turned screens and hand-painted with wet lacquer, which i.a. gives a longer shelf life and keeps the color shade.

Inside, the lamps are wet lacquered with a special color shade that means that light reflection from the inside of the screen supports the lamp's function, whether it is a wide beam (lamp with wide light beam) or a spot lamp.

Since all our lamps are hand-assembled, we have the option of combining the lamp according to the customer's wishes. This means that we can supply one lamp in every conceivable color or in special metals (raw aluminum, copper, brass and more).


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