Our outdoor lamps are designed to be both easy on the eye and pleasing to the eye. Choose from our selection of classic designer lamps.

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Tragten Wall Lamp Copper


Designed by asger b. c.

The Red Cap

Red Cap Wall

Designed by asger b. c.


Red Cap Pole

Designed by asger b. c.

You could say that outdoor lighting is about knowing your limitations and actually making a virtue of them. Even a small villa garden would require many outdoor lights and lots of lumens to be fully lit. It's expensive, unnecessary, bad for your carbon footprint - and then it would make your garden look like a building site in winter.

Outdoor luminaires have two purposes: functionally, to provide the right amount of light where it is needed, and aesthetically, to create an overall impression of light and dark that is pleasing to the eye.

The two main functional rules are: outdoor lamps should be positioned so that they allow people to walk safely outside after dark. For example, along the garden path from road to door and next to the door to make it easier to unlock the door. In addition, exterior lights should be placed at a height that is close to what needs to be illuminated. This provides accurate lighting and, importantly, means that the lamp does not risk glare.

There are few rules on how to create the best aesthetic. It's very much up to you, so we recommend testing the exact location of your new outdoor light before installing it, as well as considering whether you want outdoor lighting purely for aesthetic reasons.  

Our outdoor lamps are designed to be glare-free, i.e. they shine downwards. They are also designed to withstand years of exposure to all kinds of weather: sun, cold and moisture, and any physical impact. The name of one of our popular lamps "The Crash Truck" signals very well that this is a robust product!

You have the option to choose between different materials. Copper and corten steel are particularly popular because over time they develop a patinated surface that, as well as looking good, actually helps to protect the outdoor lamp from corrosion, so it can last for many years.


Review stars

"I would always recommend light that has been through Asger's hands because I have experienced what it means over a longer period of time."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

"So the nice lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you."

- Cecilia Bruun
Review stars

"This was totally, totally different. The lamps helped you concentrate and focus on what you have to do."

- Lone Kolter
Review stars

"The new light certainly creates a different atmosphere. It's now better than the old fluorescent lights."

- Gitte Udholt
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