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Bissen pendant lamp black


Designed by asger b. c.

Tragten pendant lamp White 2


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


A pendant lamp is a lamp that is mounted in the ceiling via its cord. The cord is 4 meters long and comes in either black or white. The pendant lamps are delivered as written with a 4 meter cord, so you have the option to shorten the cord to the desired length. In some cases part of the cord may be an arm, typically made of metal (for example the Haiku lamp).

Lamps that collect light can be hung relatively high above the dining table, typically between 80-100 cm. Whereas pendants that diffuse light should be hung relatively low, typically between 55-60 cm above a table. When setting up, the glare of the light source should be checked, also for children and not so tall people. In cases where the lamp is to be positioned so that there is a clear view of the light source and thus generating glare, it is recommended that a lamp with a ring is chosen to prevent this glare. Dillen and Bissen are examples of pendant design lamps with a built-in ring.

For most people, the dining area is only fully in place once a pendant or two has been hung above the dining table. And while dining table lamps are almost synonymous with a pendant, the useful pendant is used in many ways, for example as a hallway light or when extra light is needed on a plant in the corner.

In Denmark, we have a strong tradition of linking design and designers with light. It started with the lighting master Poul Henningsen, known colloquially as PH, whose pendant lamps, such as the Koglen, are familiar to most Danes. PH started a tradition in Denmark of designing lamps that combine beautiful design with pleasant light. It succeeded, but later generations of lamp designers set themselves an extra challenge: the light had to be not only pleasant, it also had to be efficient. In other words, light that you can see and do something with.

With Denmark's northern location and many dark hours in winter, it's natural that we need lighting that's pleasant to be in, while still providing enough light for our activities.

These assumptions have given rise to a string of designers and lamps that have, over time, become classics in their own right. 

Among them you'll find Danish Lighting's pendant lamps, designed by Asger Bay Christiansen and all with the timeless appeal of a classic, whether it's the tiny Kanon or the large Dillen, up to 38 cm in diameter.

When you choose a pendant from Danish Lighting, you not only get a classic lamp, but also a lamp that is produced in a classic way, with respect for the finest craft traditions and using the most modern light sources. The pendants are available in a variety of colours, so you can always match them with the other furniture in your home.


Review stars

"I would always recommend light that has been through Asger's hands because I have experienced what it means over a longer period of time."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

"So the nice lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you."

- Cecilia Bruun
Review stars

"This was totally, totally different. The lamps helped you concentrate and focus on what you have to do."

- Lone Kolter
Review stars

"The new light certainly creates a different atmosphere. It's now better than the old fluorescent lights."

- Gitte Udholt
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