Our ceiling lamps are designed to be both easy on the eye and pleasing to the eye. Choose from our selection of classic designer ceiling lamps.


Bissen Ceiling Lamp White 2


Designed by asger b. c.

Boblen Ceiling Lamp White


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.

Nano II

Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Ceiling lights are mounted in the ceiling. The lamps are often finished with an extension arm and mounting box, typically painted in the same colour as the lampshade. However, ceiling lamps can also be supplied with a spacer ring that is mounted directly on the ceiling, such as a fire barrel. The extension arm is often supplied in 10 or 20 cm lengths as well as a Kip joint, which allows the lampshade to be rotated in different directions. If a cord is supplied with the ceiling lamp, it comes in black or white and in 30 cm length as required by legislation.

The ceiling luminaire is mounted approximately between 180-220 cm from the floor to the bottom of the lamp and approximately 40-60 cm from the wall. This allows the lamp to illuminate (spotlight) objects on the wall, such as a painting etc. This location will also prevent reflections as well as glare in most cases. If this is not the case, it is recommended to choose a lamp with a ring, which prevents glare from the light source.

Table lamps are placed on the table, counter, etc. and require no mounting. The table lamp typically comes with 4 meter cord ending with a standard 230V plug. The colour of the cord is either white or black. In some cases, the table lamp is supplied with spiral cord, such as in the BC series.
A pendant lamp is a lamp that is mounted in the ceiling via its cord. The cord is 4 meters long and comes in either black or white. The pendant lamps are delivered as written with 4 meters of cord, so that you have the option to shorten the cord to the desired length.


Review stars

"I would always recommend light that has been through Asger's hands because I have experienced what it means over a longer period of time."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

"So the nice lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you."

- Cecilia Bruun
Review stars

"This was totally, totally different. The lamps helped you concentrate and focus on what you have to do."

- Lone Kolter
Review stars

"The new light certainly creates a different atmosphere. It's now better than the old fluorescent lights."

- Gitte Udholt

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