Our table lamps look good and help you see well: lighting that spares the eye and increases concentration


Bissen Table Lamp White 2


Designed by asger b. c.

Boblen Table Lamp Black 2


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.


Designed by asger b. c.

BC-1 Blank Black Table Lamp


Designed by asger b. c.


Table lamps are placed on the table, counter, etc. and require no mounting. The table lamp typically comes with 4 meter cord ending with a standard 230V plug. The colour of the cord is either white or black. In some cases, the table lamp is supplied with spiral cord, such as in the BC series.

The lampshades of table lamps vary from conical/round to asymmetrical designs. The asymmetric lampshades provide a kind of oval light spot, which gives a good light where PC or similar are used as you get good light on the keys without the lamp interfering with the view to the PC screen. Many of the lamps are available with dimmers so that the table lamp can be adjusted to different lighting needs. Other table lamps are supplied with a switch.

All table lamps have some form of flexibility built in so that the lampshade can be rotated to the position where you get the optimum light. A few lamps are supplied as fixed lamps in the table, so that the lamp cannot be moved without the use of tools.

Table lamp, reading lamp, desk lamp, office lamp ... As we all know, the dear child has many names, but we have chosen to use the term table lamp. The explanation is simple: it is a lamp designed to be placed on a horizontal surface, typically a table, it can be a side table, a desk, a coffee table, or a window sill, to name just a few possibilities.

Table lamps are incredibly flexible: you can rotate the shade to concentrate the light exactly where you need it. And usually the table lamp is like any other loose object that you can move around if you need more light somewhere else.

When describing our table lamps, we sometimes talk about "the design classic you didn't know you knew". Lamps that you've seen in many places without noticing, because they're not designed to dominate an interior, but to blend in with other furniture and objects. However, we find that TV programmes like "Denmark's Next Classic" help to raise awareness of good, timeless design and interest in both old and new classics.

But long before that, architects had taken notice of our table lamps, such as the "Bubble", which since the 1970s has been chosen for many of the buildings in which many of us move, such as schools, offices and hotels.

A very special building that houses some of our table lamps is Christiansborg, known to most Danes from visits and news broadcasts and to millions of comic enthusiasts worldwide. The TV series "Borgen" not only shows Birgitte Nyborg's many battles and victories at the top of Danish politics, the attentive eye will also spot our iconic BC-1 table lamp, which is used in several meeting rooms at Borgen, both in the world of fiction and reality. The BC-1 table lamp is also used in several courtrooms, by Nordea and in many other office environments.  


Review stars

"I would always recommend light that has been through Asger's hands because I have experienced what it means over a longer period of time."

- Carsten Gydahl-Jensen
Review stars

"So the nice lamps are hung up in offices. So nice. The picture was posted on Facebook yesterday with thanks to you."

- Cecilia Bruun
Review stars

"This was totally, totally different. The lamps helped you concentrate and focus on what you have to do."

- Lone Kolter
Review stars

"The new light certainly creates a different atmosphere. It's now better than the old fluorescent lights."

- Gitte Udholt
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