Funnel wall lamp brass

Experience the difference

Pure and simple Danish design

Our Danish design lamps are based on more than 40 years of experience.

Since the lamps are architect designed with a timeless design in mind, it is not uncommon to come across lamps that are 30-40 years old and still fit into many different environments. The development of our handmade lamps in Denmark gives us great flexibility and the opportunity to meet the specific needs of the market and individual customers.

(A lamp mounted on an extension arm and mounted on a wall)

If you put one of our wall lamps up, you get a nice light down over e.g. a picture on the wall where the colors come into their own. If a wall or ceiling lamp is used as general lighting, our physical light screens can be recommended so that direct light (glare) is prevented.

(A lamp mounted on an extension arm and which is attached to the ceiling)

If you hang one of our ceiling lamps up in the ceiling, you get good light in the room, which lights up in the right places and limits the glare. The lamps are mounted with tilt joints, which means that you can always set the screen to the desired position.

Ceiling lights are often used to highlight pictures / art, boards or other sights. At the same time, our ceiling lamps can provide an indirect light which contributes to the general lighting.

(A lamp that hangs down from (i) the cord (from) in the ceiling)

If you hang one of our pendants over a table, you get a good light at the table without it dazzling. The reason is, among other things, that the inside of the lamp is hand-painted with a special wet varnish which gives an indirect light which is ideal for commuters.

We use physical light shields that prevent the direct light from the seeing eye, and thus counteract the natural adaptation to the light situation. Thus, glare freedom is achieved even if one is a child and resides at a different height than an adult.

The beneficial effect is necessary

The beneficial effect of light that works can not be exaggerated. Good lighting is important for people in everyday life and for a good environment. The knowledge that many years of intense analysis of the brain and the function and reaction of the eye have given us, we use in the construction of our lamps. In this way, we make sure that we can supply lamps with comfortable and good light for the eye that do not bother, give headaches or feelings of fatigue and which give a good and comfortable light.


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